Our services and fees

We realise quality and value for money are both fundamentally important. There are different levels of sleep studies and we will choose one after carefully taking into consideration your symptoms, budget and other logistics.

If you have private insurance, you will need to check with them that they cover ‘sleep studies’. Insurance companies have varying tariffs for sleep studies. With the exception of a few, most will not cover the cost of a sleep study.


Screening home
sleep study

Adequate in 80% of patients.
Includes comprehensive report and recommendations from Sleep consultant.

Multi-channel respiratory
sleep study

With flow bands and limb leads.
Following inconclusive basic study – required in less than 20% of patients.


With Sleep Physician via Skype, 30-60 mins.

CPAP set-up

Including set up, consumables (mask, tubing) and monthly remote monitoring data.